Subservient Marriage – Can It Work?

A Subservient Marriage – Can It Work?

Marriages come in all shapes and sizes, and what works for one marriage can seem very strange to other married couples. In many, one partner is dominant over the other simply because that’s the way both spouses like to do things. But this has to be done by mutual understanding otherwise the marriage will be put under tremendous strain when one rides roughshod over the other ones feelings.

In some marriages the husband might simply defer to his wife’s decisions as she might be better at running the household. This can work surprisingly well in some cases. But there’s another type of marriage where the man becomes completely submissive and essentially hands over all control to the woman. This is the type of relationship that’s referred to typically when you read about a wife led relationship.

There are degrees of these married relationships, and there may be some you are more comfortable with than others. Some of these marriages will see the husband behaving as a subservient slave when at home with his wife. When in public, they appear as a normal married couple but the man will allow her to make even the most basic decisions, like what to order for dinner.

Other marriages may see the husband as his own person, but allowing all major decisions to be taken by his wife. Finding the right degree of submissiveness may not be as easy as you think. And even if you want a completely submissive relationship with your wife, she may not be that comfortable with it. It all depends on her own values and personality type. Some women love to be in control, but when their husband doesn’t like to be controlled this will lead to conflict sooner or later.

It can be a huge change for a man to want to be in a marriage where the wife is in full control. First of all, a subservient marriage may be one where the man is practically a slave, and that’s something your wife might not even consider even if you want it. Not only might it seem unnatural to her, but it’s probably unlike anything you’ve ever asked her to do.

This type of subservient marriage means that the man does just about everything around the house, including all chores, cooking, cleaning and anything she tells you to do. Of course, she may lots of things too, but some men in this type of marriage will like to do everything. They get a strange thrill out of knowing they are being dominated and controlled like a slave.

It may seem strange, but some men might even be upset to discover that she’d done a chore before they did it. This is in part, because the woman is also in complete control of their sexual relationship. In this type of marriage, the woman is expected to use sex and both punishment and reward.

If she is pleased by the chores that the man has done, then offering sexual release is a reward that the man may look forward to. But if she is displeased, then he may be forced to give her pleasure while denied pleasure of his own.

For some men, this is is a big turn on and they look forward to having pleasure withheld because they know that when they are allowed release it will be even better. Other men may like the idea of a woman making major decisions, but not want that type of relationship in the bedroom.

If you want to try a subservient relationship, it’s important to discuss it with your wife. You may start off by doing more around the house and taking care of her almost like a slave. Ask what she thinks of it and if she’d like it to continue. That’s a good way to start the conversation about whether or not you can have this type of marriage.

A subservient marriage is definitely not for everyone but if it works then that’s just the way things are meant to be. When all’s said and done, they are adults and should be capable of making decisions that suit them both, even if others find it rather unusual.