How can you save a marriage when it seems impossible?

Can You Save a Marriage When It Seems Impossible?


You may be asking yourself is there any way to save a marriage when it has hit rock bottom? Is there any possibility of saving a marriage when it seems no hope is left?

Well, the good news is that saving a marriage from divorce is quite possible if you are prepared to try. And if you succeed, then it’s almost certain that you and your spouse will have an even closer relationship than ever before. So when you ask if there is any way to save a marriage I would give a definite “Yes!”

Will giving your marriage a second chance work?

A survey was conducted in the USA on hundreds of people who considered their marriage as “unhappy.” The results of the survey discovered that couples who agreed to delay their plans to divorce and give their marriage another chance rated their marriage as “happy” a few years later. So it just goes to prove that if you try hard enough you can put an end to your marriage problems and be happy once again.

Where did the love go?

No matter how big the problems are in a marriage, most spouses still have a lingering trace of care and concern for their partner. This is not surprising because you probably married them in the first place because you had a lot of love and respect for them, didn’t you?

Sometimes your spouse will have changed for the worse over the years, developing attitudes and personality traits that make them seem less attractive as a person than when you were first married. However, if you can recall how they used to be, and all the good things that first attracted you to him or her, there is a good chance of rekindling all the feelings you once had.

Can you save a marriage by yourself though?

One of the most misguided beliefs about saving a marriage is that both partners have to be willing to save it. Although it’s true that both partners have to renounce any thoughts of divorce eventually, one spouse can still do something on their own to turn things around. This will give the marriage a little breathing space whilst the other reconsiders.

The rationale is that if you alter your attitudes towards your spouse, it might encourage them to change their behavior, creating a less tense atmosphere.

Get sound marriage advice.

One of the problems of trying to on your own is that you might be too emotionally involved to make sound decisions. This might cause you to go over the top and do things you shouldn’t do. Taking advice from an informed, impartial intermediary is so important. Seeing a marriage counselor is the most obvious choice but sometimes one partner will refuse to take part, which makes it more difficult.

If you can’t get your spouse to participate then you will have to attempt it on your own – but you will need practical advice on how to save the marriage. You can find lots of good advice in marriage books and courses that have helped many to save a marriage.

What if only one of you wants to save the marriage?

Some of the advice in them has worked even when only one spouse wanted to save the marriage. Even if you are the only one trying to keep your marriage together, it is still possible to turn things round by making some changes in your own behavior.

Of course, if your partner is willing to try too, it will improve your chances dramatically.

So, if you feel that there is still a chance to then it’s time to start doing something positive about it.

Don’t just sit back waiting for things to happen. Now is the time for you to take action if you want to .