How to know if you are drifting away from your spouse

Are you drifting apart from your spouse?


Get the feeling you are drifting apart from your spouse? You can rescue the relationship with a little renewed love and attention toward one another, like when you first married. Can you remember how great your marriage was back then? If you can’t then get out your wedding photos to remind yourself of how happy you once were. You can be like that again.

Sadly, in most marriages, the initial excitement of newlyweds starts to wear off over the years due to the stresses of everyday life.

Eventually you start to drift apart…

Two reasons why you grow apart.

If you are the husband then you may work so hard and for so many hours that you are hardly at home to pay attention to your wife, which can make her feel you aren’t there for her any more.

You may be satisfying her financial needs but you aren’t satisfying your wife’s emotional needs. The danger is she might start to look elsewhere to satisfy them.

Or maybe you are constantly there for your wife but she is so busy running the household and looking after the kids that she doesn’t pay attention to your emotional needs any more. Men have emotional needs too, don’t they? Of course they do.

What it all boils down to is that each of you is so busy with the everyday stuff of married life that you are slowly but surely drifting apart. You have become emotionally distant to each other and are no longer communicating.A lack of communication is one of the issues in marriage that you need to deal with. If you can’t talk to you spouse how can you tell them how you truly feel?

If it goes on for any length of time you will become strangers in your own home and the marriage is in danger of breaking down from a lack of closeness. It can get so bad you may even end up in a sexless marriage. If not due to health problems, then a lack of sex in a marriage is a sure sign of deep relationship issues between husband and wife.

Talk over problems in your marriage

Even the best marriages never run smoothly all the time and you have to be ready to knuckle down when problems arise. When they do remember to think carefully before you speak, and never get angry or you will make things worse.

A small problem in your marriage can develop into a major source of conflict if you leave it festering for too long so talk about it with your spouse before it gets out of hand.

If you feel emotionally distant and find it hard to talk about marriage problems with your spouse then you might need to see a marriage counselor to help you . While talking over marital difficulties is a great help, both of you need to do something to solve them.

Marriage is an ongoing commitment.

Many people stay in a marriage just because of the children. But that is not a good enough reason even though there are many side effects of divorce on children. Saving a marriage starts with a commitment by both parties that the marriage is worth saving.

A truly strong marriage is based on a never-ending commitment to each other, which means you have to work constantly on your marriage to stop it breaking down. If, for example, you don’t spend enough time together any more, plan a night out every week without the kids.

And when you are together try some imaginative, romantic ways to spend that precious time. Don’t do the same old thing every week. Mix it up a bit to keep it exciting. There’s nothing quite like a bit of romance to lift a stale marriage out of the doldrums.

If you really want to bring back the love in your marriage it won’t happen without a bit of effort from at least one, and preferably both of you. You can renew the love if you try hard enough.

If only one of you is committed to making your marriage work, it’s a lot more difficult but even so there are ways to overcome your spouse’s lack of commitment if you have the right advice

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