5 Easy, Golden Keys to A Happy Spouse

5 Easy, Golden Keys to A Happy Spouse

A relationship or marriage may be a long-term investment that is always in need of maintenance and room for growth – however having a happy spouse may not be as elusive and hard to have as one might think.

The Following Are 5 Easy Golden Keys To A Happy Spouse:

1) Validate Your Spouse

Even the most easy-going person would like to be validated for his or her opinion, feelings and experiences and even the toughest-skinned person feels deflated, unfulfilled, unhappy even betrayed, backstabbed and unsupported when he or she in invalidated. It especially hurts when the invalidation comes from someone he or she loves.

So a simple key to your partner’s happiness (although it may be hard to do at times especially when you think your spouse is wrong) is to validate your spouse in any area that he or she needs the validation.

If your spouse is wrong eventually he or she will find out on his or her own but in the meantime he or she will feel supported and in a state of happiness because you have his or her back.

2) Have Fun

All because life and relationships can be complicated at times doesn’t mean that your relationship cannot revolve around fun and laughter. What is there to lose?

There have been studies done that prove that employees are actually more productive when they are having fun, so not only will your relationship run smoother and more productively, your partner will be happy, the two of you will bond, sparks will get to fly all the time and your spouse will associate you and your relationship as an uplifting and joyful experience to share.

3) Compliment Your Spouse

The easiest going person as well as the toughest skinned person both has something in common – both want to be acknowledged for their good intention whether that is what they do, say or feel.

So why not have a happy spouse by simply giving your partner a compliment and/or acknowledging a job well done or say that you understand his or her good intent – it takes a moment to do and his/her happiness and resulting appreciation is an investment into your relationship that will last forever.

4) Choose To Have Unconditional Love Towards Your Spouse

When two people share a partnership and relationship together there are going to be conditions, especially when requirements, needs and wants are concerned.

However, you can choose to have unconditional love towards your spouse regardless of what your partner does, thinks,or feels – in other words you never need to withdraw love or be in judgment of your partner.

When you choose to have unconditional love towards your spouse even if you don’t say anything (although starting off a conversation with “I love You” doesn’t hurt) your partner will feel your unconditional love and he/she will express his/her love in return by being in a state of happiness and joy.

5) Show Your Spouse Love In The Way He/She Feels Love

At our Centre we talk about what we call Communication Modes or Love Strategies which are different ways that people communicate as well as give and receive love.

Some people feel loved when others do things for them, other people feel loved when they hear the words “I love You”, others feel loved when they are understood and others feel loved when they are touched in certain ways (not necessarily sexual, maybe holding hands, touching one’s hair or being hugged).

Everyone is unique so whichever the ways are, the important thing is to find out what your partner’s communication mode or love strategies are so you can express your love to him/her and make sure that he/she will feel love your love for him or her.

The end result once again is a spouse who is always happy because he (she) can feel your love.

These 5 keys are not only simple in nature but these keys are also simple to carry out on a regular basis so both of you will have the time, energy and uplifting reinforcement to continue your happiness together now and always.