3 Marriage Problems That Can Cause A Marriage To Go Bad

3 Marriage Problems That Can Cause A Marriage To Go Bad

When a marriage goes bad it can be a shock to the couple’s friends and relatives. After all, most couples having marriage problems try to hide the fact that the marriage is not as happy as it seems.

That is understandable because it is hard to admit your failings to people close to you.

Sadly, a marriage can go bad on anyone, not only for an incompatible and dysfunctional couple but even for a loving and committed couple.

To find out why a marriage can go bad in the first place you need to understand three of the major problems that can happen in a marriage.

Marriage Problem #1 – Taking Each Other For Granted

When a couple start taking each other for granted this is the start of the downward spiral in the marriage. Everyday routines and stresses can slowly cause you to drift apart emotionally and destroy the closeness you once had. Before you know it, you are like two strangers who don’t even bother to think about the other person anymore.

So what can you do to stop taking each other for granted?

Well, you can start doing things together again as a couple, going out on dates just like you did at when you first met. In fact, if you are the husband, to make it seem like a real date leave the house and pick her up just like you would do if you didn’t live together. That would be fun, wouldn’t it?

You can also start showing more appreciation for your spouse to show them that you still care for him or her. Just do something spontaneous to surprise her, which can put some zest into your marriage and reduce the tedium of everyday life.

Marriage Problem #2 – Built Up Resentments.

Resentment, judgment, disappointment and lack of respect can slowly destroy the love you once had for your partner.

When resentments builds up the love shuts down in a relationship and the couple loses touch emotionally. The result is that the intimacy that holds their marriage together slowly dies.

So as a couple or individually each partner needs to release all their pent up frustrations and resentments so that the love, which is still flickers deep down, can rekindle and burn brightly once again.

Marriage Problem #3 – Toxicity and Deficiency Overload

If the couple has dysfunctional behavior patterns caused by unresolved past hurts and experiences – the relationship is going to be full of toxicities and deficiencies.

In simple terms, toxicities are things in your marriage that you don’t want and deficiencies are things that you do want but are not getting in your marriage.

A marriage that is full of toxicities and deficiencies can only endure them for so long, until it cracks under the strain.

When this happens, the couple will then start to destroy the relationship, or start to avoid each other because of all the negative conditioning built-up from all the toxicity and deficiency.

Eventually the marriage isn’t going to work anymore until the toxicities and deficiencies are recognized and dealt with. Unfortunately, many couples are not aware of this and no one tells them how to handle all the problems that have built up.

What can you do to solve marriage problems?

If you are faced with these major problems in your marriage, it can be saved with sound relationship advice. With the right system what was once a marriage gone bad can once again be a healthy and happy marriage.

Thankfully, a relationship system has been developed for dealing with all the problems that can develop in any marriage.

  • One that will show you how to heal all the past wounds and release the pent up emotions caused by them.
  • That will strengthen your basic relationship skills and enable you to have purposeful communication with your spouse once again.
  • That will help you with conflict resolution and negotiation.
  • And show you how to be more compatible with your spouse so that both of you have your needs met in the marriage.

The Counsellor in a Box Home Study Program is such a system and could be just what you need to .

This is a proven system that has helped many couples overcome almost all kinds of difficult and challenging relationship and marriage problems.

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